Our Partners

 Bonsai Biotics we believe in the way of the Bonsai. Having strong roots through our company ethos and having long lasting business relationships much like the branches of the Bonsai tree.

If you would like to become a partner with Bonsai Biotics please get in touch with us at info@bonsai-biotics.com 

Some of our current partners and associates:

Bonsai Biotics is thrilled to be partnering with fitness icon and celebrity trainer, Danni Levy, and her  innovative Six Minute Shred aimed for people from all walks of life to get you eating and exercising right, all from the comfort of your home! With Danni Levy, and Bonsai Biotics you are onto a truly winning combination. 

Bonsai Biotics is pleased to be able to recommend Crown to Cuff tailoring to our elite athletes. Who know that having the perfect bespoke suit is the only way to compliment the hours of hard graft making and maintaining their peak physique. Crown to Cuff is the official tailor to the NABBA ( National Body Building Association) and the Bradford Bulls, a professional rugby league club. 

FightStar Championship (FSC) is a Mixed Martial Arts promotion based in the UK. FSC is dedicated in showcasing UK's & Europe's elite MMA fighters. Bonsai Biotics is not only proud to be an official sponsor for FSC, but to have up and coming elite professional fighters from the UK and the rest of the world taking  our supplements and being part of Team Bonsai Elite.

Mogul Management concentrates on representing the best in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Armed with years of experience, we negotiate and secure marketing and event agreements. We also work hand in hand with each unique client and his team/coaches to develop tailor made career plans. Mogul Management offers a personalised service, going beyond basic negotiations