About Bonsai Biotics

"Bonsai Biotics are the only supplements I recommend because they are formulated by pharmacists"

Supplements formulated by pharmacists and trusted by professionals, without the need for a prescription

  • We supply premium supplements that are used by celebrities, sports stars, personal trainers as well as ordinary men and women who want to be their best.
  • We have analysed years of clinical studies, calculated exact formulas, and used high specification ingredients to ensure you always get a product that is scientific and as natural as possible. All the studies we have used have been referenced, so you can form your own opinion on our products.

“The Science Of Nature”

We don’t use synthetic analogues of vitamins or minerals, which you find in other supplements, all ours are naturally derived from plants and fruits.

We use tree extracts in our products

We use Bonsai Tree extracts in all our supplements, such as Moringa. Moringa is a tree that has been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years. It has developed a reputation in its native land for its extraordinary high nutritional value and has been coined the “Miracle Tree”

Our products are suitable for vegetarians

We use pharmaceutical grade capsules that are approved by the vegan society. They are also Halal & Kosher certified as well as GMO free.

We do not use proprietary formulas

Typically proprietary formulations do not divulge the exact quantity of each ingredient contained. Companies often do this to obscure the fact that many supplements include only trace amounts of ingredients, primarily to cut costs. At Bonsai Biotics we don't hide behind proprietary formulations.  We haven't crammed a "bit of everything in" to make it look good either. So rest assured you are getting the best supplement possible! 

The ingredient profile and quantities of all our products are fully disclosed

“None of our ingredients appear on the World Anti-Doping Agency  (WADA) list”

Something we know is important to consumers and especially elite athletes who need to know exactly what is going into their bodies.

Our products are Made in the UK in a state of the art facility

Our manufacturing plant is GMP certified with BRC and ISO accreditations, every step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored and subject to quality checks ensuring a quality product with no dangerous contaminants or chemicals.

Our Company Ethos

At Bonsai Biotics we believe in Shin- Zen- Bi, an ancient Bonsai Philosophy that translates into Truth, Goodness and Beauty. We take great pride in knowing that the TRUTH of our claims with the GOODNESS of our specially selected nutraceutical ingredients, obtained from the BEAUTY of Nature can help you achieve your health goals. You only have one body so why settle for anything less when you can use the purest and best supplements.

  • Bonsai Biotics is the Official Partner and supplement supplier to amateur and professional associations such as the UK MMA promotion, Fightstar Championship.
  • At Bonsai Biotics we believe in giving back to the people. We work with brand ambassadors across the globe and provide charitable support to local causes. Follow our blog for recent news and updates.

Time to Make a Difference

At Bonsai Biotics we aim to make a legacy, a legacy that our children will be proud of. We are humble people who just want to spread positivity and good karma into the world, which can seem so dark and lonely to some. Money makes the world go round, but kindness brings it together, so that is why at Bonsai Biotics we will donate 5% of our yearly profits to charity, forever.