Team Bonsai

The Founders:

Mik Chahal is Co-founder and Director of Bonsai Biotics. With over 10 years of experience in the pharmacy retail sector Mik has extensive product knowledge of pharmaceuticals and supplements. It became apparent to Mik that the quality and information surrounding supplements was often unclear and conflicting, furthermore as an avid gym goer Mik found much of the information surrounding sports supplement products on the market was often confusing. Using his pharmaceutical knowledge he has worked tirelessly with his fellow colleague to make a stance in the supplement industry to create Bonsai Biotics. Each product is made by scrutinising every ingredient and the clinical evidence available, to ensure you get the very best.
Bonsai Biotics is the brainchild of Mik, being a personal voyage to formulate and create a dietary supplement true to the company ethos. The mission for Mik is simple, to create a dietary supplement range that as a pharmacist he would be happy to put is name against, a range that has scientific backing and can help revolutionise the way people think about supplements.

Nav Dhesi is Co-founder and Director of Bonsai Biotics. With over a decade in pharmaceutical experience, Nav has actively decided to pursue the world of nutraceuticals, to help create a better dietary supplement. He wants to move away from the dark ages of proprietary blends and be open to the public, he wants the consumer to know exactly what they are getting in their products.Along with his colleague, Nav has thought to put his pharmaceutical knowledge to an innovative use. He is using all his skill and learnt ability in formulation to produce cutting edge supplements that will actually offer a difference, unlike many other on the market. Through years of studying the supplements he has dispensed in pharmacy, he has made it his mission to produce a range that would be recommended by healthcare professionals alike.
Nav has desire to change the way the supplement industry works and to put his knowledge to better use, aiming to make a difference in the world of dietary supplements. With Bonsai Biotics, gone are the days of cramming all possible ingredients into a tablet or capsule and gone are the days of sub-therapeutic ingredient strength, the revolution has only just begin

Team Bonsai Elite:

When only the best will do, turn to Team Bonsai Elite. All our Team Bonsai Elite athletes are at the pinnacle of their fitness and chosen sports. From bodybuilding to MMA to Fitness competitions, we have selected the best to represent Bonsai Biotics.

Whether a seasoned veteran or a shining new talent, we are proud and privileged to call these fantastic athletes members of Team Bonsai Elite.

Our sponsored athletes receive a personal service, having supplements tailored to their individual needs, a bespoke service that only Bonsai Biotics offers. Believe in yourself, believe in Bonsai.

Juan Matthee:

Juan is a recognized and highly decorated bodybuilder in his native South Africa, working in the fitness industry since early 2004. Juan, who is considered the pride of South African bodybuilding, has been an IFFB athlete since 2008, becoming a staple figure and excelling in competitions. Juan is also an exercise specialist, specializing in training elite athletes, children, pregnancies, elderly and people with disabilities.

His specialized exercise personal training program that he offers to his clients and other professionals has shown Juan to be a leader in his industry. Juan recently competed in the Champions Arise Fitness and Bodybuilding Show, winning both his category and the overall bodybuilder in the competition.Between 2008 to the present day, Juan has competed in over 12 competitions, such as the IFBB Shameen Classic, IFBB King Shaka Classic and the IFBB South African Championships, each time showing his class and desire to be the best. Having competed in the Arnold classic in 2016, Juan is looking to cement his legacy in up coming competitions and continuing being the face of South African bodybuilding. This budding entrepreneur is multitalented and is aiming to reach great heights alongside Bonsai Biotics, watch this space and see the evolution of this titan.

Katy Brand: 

Katy is the the epitome of dedication and never giving up on your dreams. This Team Bonsai Elite member has had a fantastic run in local and national competitions around South Africa, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with.
Katy not only competes in bodybuilding competitions, but she is also a trainer and helps coach in her spare time. Having spent some time in Dubai as a swimming coach, Katy came back to South Africa to compete professionally from 2015 onwards in competitions like IFBB Shameen Classic, the IFBB Provincial, the IFBB King Shaka Classic and the IFBB Champions Arise, winning both the latter in her last outing. A truly dynamic and inspirational individual, showcasing maturity and talent with an awesome physique. The first lady of South African bodybuilding is only just starting her epic journey, a journey that will lead her on the road to constant success.

Julia Hubbard: 

Julia is an internationally recognized athlete who represented Team GB for 4 years in the Olympic bobsleigh competition. Julia is also a Masters track athlete and a Natural Pro Figure & Bikini competitor. She is a multiple time champion in fitness competitions and is a proud vegan athlete. Julia is also an online trainer and teaches others her secret of winning. Julia mostly coaches women to achieve their personal goals, whether that be health, fitness, marathons, competing on stage or to pass military fitness tests. The once Natural Universe Champion, British Champ and World Champ is truly a class act, her achievements are too great in number to list, but Julia holds wins in the Pro International Physique League (IPL), International Pro Elite (IPE), World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF), Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) and National Gym Association (NGA).

Julia’s health always comes first and she like’s to eat healthy all year round, especially when it comes to supplements. Julia applies her ‘clean eating’ principle to all aspects of life and she likes her supplements to be as natural as possible, without artificial ingredients, hence her desire to use Bonsai Biotics.Follow Julia on her YouTube channel for advice and information about her expert classes.

Alex Lohore:

Alex is a French born professional MMA fighter, residing in England and fighting out of the New Wave Academy. Alex is an all rounder in the cage and has a wealth of experience and is fighting for one of the biggest MMA promotions in the world. Alex "Da Kid" Lohore is considered to be the best welterweight in Europe, having an impressive fight record to reinforce his status as the best. He boast an awesome professional record of 12 wins (6 TKO, 4 via submission and 2 decision) to 1 defeat. His most recent being at the Bellator promotion where he dominated his opponent.Alex has fought for the following promtions; Bellator, Fightstar Championship, Ultimate Challenge MMA, Too Much Talent MMA, Rise Of Champions and Fury MMA.A world champion in all fight promotions he has been in, Alex is looking to cement his legacy as a true great of the sport. Alex takes his training and his diet very seriously, traveling all over the world to get the best he can. With Bonsai Biotics in his corner, he knows that he is only getting the best and most natural supplements to help him through his rigorous training regimen.A true warrior and gentleman, Alex Lohore is the future of British MMA and World Welterweight BAMMA Champion!

Duane "Hot Shot" Sinclair: 

On the surface, Duane Sinclair is charming, reserved and softly spoken. Yet spend time with him and you will also be captivated by his blazing insistence and ambition to be at the top of a sport he has grown to respect. He graduated from University and became a Financial Advisor, as well as mentoring young people 3 evenings a week. He finally settled as a Maths teacher though remained committed to helping develop a positive change in children and their outlook and attitude on life. During this time he practiced the sport of boxing.

While he continues to teach and rise within the ranks of professional boxing he is one to look out for, one to support and one to invest in. Duane Hotshot Sinclair will defy any critic and even nature itself to achieve his ambition of being a champion boxer, a path he believes has taught him discipline and strength of character, qualities that he passes on to his mentees.

Duane is a role model. He is smart, he is sharp, he is fast and extremely talented, with the determination and agility of young boxers, and the speed skill of seasoned professionals with this, he is the epitome of his moniker ‘Hot Shot’.

Danni Levy: 

Danni is not only one of Britain's most celebrated sport and fitness presenters, but also an innovator in the world of fitness too. Her vast experience has allowed her to become an internationally recognised health icon and guru to many. She is the founder of an amazing and innovative exercise program, The Six Minute Shred, which along with her Six Minute Meals; is taking the fitness world by storm.

This talented individual is also known for her high profile journalistic endeavor, writing many high profile features for tabloid newspapers and fitness/lifestyle magazines. Amongst her many accomplishments, Danni has written an international acclaimed book, The Pyramid Diet, which has only cemented her position as the Queen of Fitness.

Danni has chosen to work alongside Bonsai Biotics because it is a company that she genuinely believes in, a company that is innovative like her and different from all the others out there.

Her experience and knowledge of the Health and Fitness sector is second to none, and Bonsai Biotics is a brand that Danni has really embraced. Danni is the essence of Bonsai Biotics and alongside the Director can envision a future where Bonsai Biotics is the dominant dietary supplement brand. The sky is barely the limit for this young and gifted individual; she will continue to make strides in the Health and Fitness sector for many years to come.

Ian Worthington: 

Ian has been a fitness addict and gym fanatic for over 25 years, as well as being a keen footballer and tennis player. Through his 20s and 30s he was training hard and regular, but wasn't really seeing the results. On approaching 40 years of age he made big changes to his training and diet which has seen his fitness and health improve dramatically.

Now 41 years of age he is a qualified Personal Trainer and runs the online personal training site He also has a large fitness following via his Instagram character @FitBruv_FatBruv.

Ian values health and fitness very high on his list of priorities and lives the healthy lifestyle he teaches. His diet is clean, and thus his supplements need to be the same. In this respect his partnership with Bonsai Biotics is a perfect fit as he continues to be lean and hungry like a wolf - the GymWolfPT.