Super Green Surimu ("Fat Burner")

“It’s like an energy drink without the calories, warning side effects may cause weight loss!”

Formulated by pharmacists and so called because of its green ingredients, Super Green Surimu is the perfect combination of all natural ingredients,known for their fat burning qualities: Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean Guarana and Moringa.

Super Green Surimu is a highly effective weight loss supplement when used to support your exercise and/or controlled diet regime. It can give you focus and energy throughout the day and support you when you feel like cheating on your diet.

  • Use throughout the day for sustained energy, focus and increased concentration.
  • Contains NO SYNTHETIC CAFFEINE, which can cause side effects like jitters, headaches and “come downs”
  • Formulated by clinical pharmacists, so you get the most clinically significant strengths possible.
  • 30 day Supply in each bottle.
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“Super Green Surimu is perfect to support your lean physique goals”

Super Green Surimu is ideal for giving you that extra edge whilst on a diet or exercise plan. Giving you sustained energy throughout the day to support your lean physique goals.

“Innovated By Clinical Pharmacists”

Super Green Surimu is made from high specification ingredients specially formulated by pharmacists.Each ingredient has been chosen for its synergistic effects and based on the most accurate available clinical evidence. Our ingredients are as strong as the studies we have looked at. Meaning a natural formulation using optimal ingredients at their optimum strengths combined in one capsule! Something not seen in other so called “leading brands”

Our products are made in the UK to the highest industry standards so you can be assured you are not getting something harmful.

“No synthetic Ingredients”

Unlike so many supplements that claim to be “all natural”, Super Green Surimu only contains ingredients that are naturally derived. Unfortunately many supplements and leading brands use high doses of synthetic caffeine and vitamins, which are chemically made. Super Green Surimu contains key amounts of ingredients like caffeine, EGCG and Chlorogenic Acid, which are present in their natural forms. All have been carefully calculated in the exact amounts of Green Tea, Guarana, Green Coffee Bean and Moringa we have used.


  • Green Tea (95% polyphenols) providing 270mg of EGCG per daily serving.
  • Green Coffee (50% chlorogenic acid) providing 200mg of Chlorogenic Acid per daily Serving
  • Guarana
  • Moringa Extract 20:1
  • Capsule shell (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, titanium dioxide, yellow iron oxide, black iron oxide)
  • Anti-caking agent magnesium stearate.
  • Flow agent, silicon dioxide.
  • Daily serving size: 3 capsules
  • Daily Servings per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving %NRV*
Moringa (20:1) equivalent to 3000mg +
Green Tea
Providing EGCG
Green Coffee Bean
Providing Chlorogenic Acid
Guarana 300mg +
  • + No NRV Established.
  • Warning: This product contains 155mg of caffeine per daily serving from Green Tea (88mg) Guarana (66mg) and Green Coffee (1mg). This product is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.


  • Take one capsule three times a day 30 minutes before food or exercise. Take each serving with a glass of water.


  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product if you take regular medication. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • This product is suitable for vegetarians & vegans


  • Store in a cool, dry place. Use within 6 months of opening. Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients like Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean and caffeine have become popular in so many proprietary “diet pill”, “fat burners” and energy drinks. However, what the consumer often misinterprets is the therapeutic amount needed to give a possible positive effect.

At Bonsai Biotics we have done our research, our aim was to produce a naturally derived dietary supplement to help support your weight management goals.

Click on the ingredients for further detailed scientific information

What is a dietary supplement?

Dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, enzymes, amino acids, or other dietary ingredients. You take these products by mouth in pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid form to supplement your diet.

Are all supplements tested to make sure they're safe and effective?

No. Manufacturers aren't required to test their products for safety and effectiveness. Some supplement ingredients have been tested in animal or human studies. However, all Bonsai Biotics supplements have been formulated by clinical pharmacists using evidence based research to ensure you receive a safe and effective supplement.

How can I tell whether I'm getting a good quality supplement?

Manufacturers are required to follow "good manufacturing practices" (GMPs), which means their supplements have to meet certain quality standards. However, it has been found that some products may contain more or less of the ingredient than is stated on the label. Or, in some cases they may contain ingredients not listed on the label. At Bonsai Biotics we pride ourselves on making pharmaceutical grade supplements meeting the highest manufacturing standards available, with our manufacturing facility receiving a Triple A standard in manufacturing.

How do I know whether a supplement's claims are true or false?

Supplement makers are not allowed to claim their product diagnoses, treats, cures, reduces the symptoms of, or prevents disease. We at Bonsai Biotics agree with the above and believe in the ethos "Shin-Zen-Bi", which stands for Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Therefore we can assure you that any claims we make are backed up with scientific evidence.

What is a 'proprietary blend?'

A "proprietary blend" is a combination of ingredients used exclusively by one supplement manufacturer. No other company produces the exact same combination of ingredients, and, in most cases, it is difficult to know from the label the exact amounts of each of the ingredients in that blend. At Bonsai Biotics we refuse to hide behind a proprietary blend as we want the consumer to have all information regarding the supplements. We will only use therapeutic doses that have clinically been shown to exert a positive effect. Also unlike other supplement companies, we won't cram in loads of ingredients that look good at sub therapeutic levels. Remember more is not always better.

What is the difference between RDA and DV?

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is the amount of a certain nutrient you should get each day based on your age, gender, and whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding. On a supplement label, you're more likely to see the acronym DV, which stands for Daily Value. This represents how much of a nutrient the supplement provides in regards to a total daily diet.

How is the best way to take Super Green Surimu?

Super Green Surimu is best taken at least 30 minutes prior to eating or undertaking exercise. At Bonsai Biotics we recommend a 7 day break period after taking the supplements for ONE month, so the body doesn’t become tolerant to the positive effects. Once the 7 day break period has elapsed, continue to take as normal for another month.

Will I suffer from any side effects from taking Super Green Surimu?

As all our ingredients are naturally derived from natural sources around the world, the chance of suffering from side effects is very minimal. Although saying that, everyone is an individual and may react to the supplements in different ways. As all Bonsai Biotics supplements are formulated by pharmacists, we have taken into account the chances of experiencing side effects and carefully calculated all dosage using the clinical data from trial and studies from leading scientists. If you suffer from any side effects, please email us on to further discuss your symptoms, our team will provide you with any answers you may have.

Will I see results immediately with Super Green Surimu?

The team at Bonsai Biotics are keen advocates for a healthy lifestyle and clean diet. There is no substitute for that, but our Super Green Surimu will aid in your lean physique goals. The effect will be gradual and we ask our customers to be patient. With Super Green Surimu working ‘undercover’ to burn fat, the effect may not always be evident, but to date we have had great result, with consumer trials showing a 10% loss of body fat in 4 weeks and up to 8 pounds in 2 weeks. Ask a member of Team Bonsai for help or tips on a healthier lifestyle, which ultimately will help in weight management.

How long do I have to take Super Green Surimu before I see any benefits?

Unlike OTC and prescription drugs that provide instant, temporary, symptomatic relief, herbal supplements provide progressive, long-term benefits by strengthening and supporting the body's natural defenses. Most herbal supplements, including Super Green Surimu, need to be taken for at least 6 to 8 weeks before the benefits of taking the supplement can be experienced. Please be advised that nutritional supplements work best when they are taken as part of a health maintenance program that includes a sensible diet rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, a moderate exercise program, and the necessary lifestyle changes to support wellness.

What is the daily caffeine content of Super Green Surimu and can I drink coffee with it?

If the maximum dose of Super Green Suirmu is taken, which is 3 capsules daily in divided doses, the total amount of caffeine will be 155mg. This is roughly the same as 2 standard cans of Red Bull. The recommended amount of caffeine per day in a healthy adult is 400mg, which is equivalent to 4 cups of brewed coffee. So yes you can have coffee and caffeine containing drinks with Super Green Surimu, but we recommend you check the caffeine content, so as to not go over the 400mg threshold.

Is Super Green Surimu safe to take with my regular prescription medication?

Super Green Surimu has been carefully formulated to be non-invasive when it comes to prescription medication, but there are certain medication you should avoid, particularly if you are taking medication for your heart, high blood pressure, liver problems, seizures, type 2 diabetes, certain gastric conditions or any other medication that acts as a stimulant. If you are unsure whether or not your prescription medication is safe, please contact our clinical team of pharmacists to answer any questions you may have. They are on hand 24/7 and will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

What should I do if I take too many Super Green Surimu capsules in 24 hours?

If you take more than the recommended daily dose of 3 Super Green Surimu capsules in 24 hours we recommend contacting your doctor or speaking to a healthcare professional. Although the maximum daily dose is 400mg, we strongly advise to not exceed 3 capsules daily; as you may be receiving caffeine from another source i.e. coffee, tea or energy drinks. Therefore, seek medical attention or contact the Bonsai Biotics team for further instructions.

Can I use Super Green Surimu pregnancy or if I am breastfeeding?

Unfortunately there is not enough clinical evidence to suggest safe use in pregnancy or breastfeeding, so we at Bonsai Biotics recommend NOTusing Super Green Surimu in pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding.

Is there an age restriction when buying Super Green Surimu?

Yes, we recommend to only use Super Green Surimu from the age of 18 onwards. The reason being that from the age of 13 to 18 the maximum daily caffeine recommendation is 100mg, due to the importance of sleep and brain development. Bonsai Biotics is an ethical company, that will always put consumer safety first, so if you feel the need to ask any questions regarding our dietary supplements please don’t hesitate to ask the team.

Why does the supplement contain Moringa?

At Bonsai Biotics we have harnessed the mighty power of the Bonsai plant, hence our name. We have utilised on plant in particular,Moringa, which is gram for gram one of the most nutritious plant sources on the planet. You can view the science tab to see the full range of benefits associated with Moringa.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean extract is the purified extract from unroasted coffee beans.

What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Chlorogenic acids (CGA) are the antioxidants found in green coffee bean extract, which are responsible for its weight control properties and other health benefits.

Will I get the same benefits from just drinking a lot of coffee?

Ordinary coffee is made from roasted coffee beans. The benefits of green coffee extract are linked to chlorogenic acid, which is destroyed when the beans are roasted.

How safe is Green Coffee Bean extract?

Unless you are allergic to coffee or caffeine, it is a very safe ingredient. However most green coffee supplements contain some caffeine. If you need to avoid caffeine due to a medication you are taking or some other health condition, Green Coffee Bean extract is probably not the best choice for you. Ask a clinical member of Team Bonsai for further advice.

What is the active ingredient in Green Tea extract?

Green tea is rich in polyphenols, which are antioxidant molecules, and catechins, the most notable of which is Epigallocatechingallate, or EGCG. Together, these beneficial compounds confer immuno-protectant, antioxidant, and weight-loss benefits.

What are the side effects, interactions, and/or contraindications, if any, associated with Green Tea extract?

Green tea has been used since ancient times for its broad spectrum of health benefits and is well tolerated by most individuals. Some people have reported stomach upset and constipation. Individuals who are anemic, have liver disease, or osteoporosis, or any other known or suspected medical condition should consult a healthcare professional before taking green tea extract.

Do you offer a diet and exercise plan service to help lead a healthier lifestyle in conjunction with Bonsai Biotics?

Unfortunately we don't at the moment, but please view our Team Bonsai ambassadors’ page, many of whom offer the above service, such as renowned Health and Fitness Guru Danni Levy and her innovative Six Minute Shred/Meals.

Can I take other dietary supplements with Super Green Surimu?

Yes, Super Green Surimu can be taken alongside other supplements, as long as the caffeine content is taken into consideration. For maximum weight management, we recommend using Super Green Surimu with Super Root Surimu as both have been formulated to work synergistically together to achieve maximum results.

If you decide to use another branded supplement, please consult the label on the products to check compatibility. If you still require further details and assistance please contact us on our Contact Us page.

Is Super Green Surimu suitable for long-term use?

Super Green Surimu should be safe for both short-term and long-term use when used as directed, including a 7 day break period after each bottle.

“I love Bonsai Biotics because I know exactly what's in them. I believe science met nature and nature met beauty and I won't put anything artificial in my body when it comes to supplements. I have been using these since Christmas and feel great. I have more energy and can concentrate more, which I need with my busy work schedule. Ultimately though, Super Green Surimu is helping me achieve my lean goals, that and a healthy diet plan.”

Rodrigo Alves - British TV/Media Personality, Marbella

“As with the pre-workout, the fat burners do not have any unpleasant taste and come in capsule form so they are easy to swallow. I’ve not experienced any side-effects and they have been mild on my stomach, whilst supporting my fat loss journey to get stage-ready. The bonus for me is that these products are created and tested by registered pharmacists and are completely safe to use for my competition preparation in tested federations. I have confidence in the products that Bonsai Biotics offer and love that they are not just mass produced by a commercial brand”

JitTamber – Competitive Bodybuilder, Derby

“I started the Super Green Surimu a month ago. Firstly I am amazed at the high levels of energy I have had. My concentration levels have also improved and I am no longer craving sugar. Instead of keeping me awake at night I find they naturally wear off for me to rest better than before. I am feeling much less bloated and more toned. Highly recommended.”

Karen Thind – Fitness enthusiast, Bradford

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